RMIT and Ecole Centrale de Lyon awarded EU funding for global joint PhD program

A prestigious PhD program for nanotechnology research delivered by Ecole Centrale de Lyon in France and RMIT University in Australia has been awarded €1.6M in European funding.

The funding will support 10 early career researchers to take on projects with strong links to industry at local, regional and international levels.

RMIT’s Micro Nano Research Facility is set to be the Australian hub for the program.

The program was recently launched at RMIT in Australia by RMIT’s Distinguished Professor Arnan Mitchell and Ecole Centrale de Lyon’s coordinators Dr Christian Grillet and Associate Professor Christelle Monat as part of a workshop for the Associated Laboratory for Photonics between France and Australia (ALPhFA).

Mitchell said the program will see a highly nurturing and multi-faceted PhD training environment for the next generation of researchers as well as entrepreneurs with an international mind-set and interdisciplinary training.

“Our partnership with Ecole Centrale de Lyon will foster an inherently international network to maximise the PhD researchers’ opportunities and their emergence as successful professionals in the future,” he said.

Ten doctoral research contracts will be offered over the five-year program.

Dr Christian Grillet, who is leading the program’s delivery, said the partnership leverages the existing rich biotech and ICT ecosystems at local, regional and global levels.

“Students will be supported by eight industrial partners ranging from start-ups to global players including STMicroelectronics and Thales Group,” he said.

“It will foster new synergies between academia and industry as well as strengthen EU-Australia research and innovation collaboration in key areas for investment and growth.”

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