Presentation with Commonwealth Bank of Australia’s Chief Economist Michael Blythe

ABIE members were once again treated to an informative presentation by the Commonwealth Bank of Australia’s Chief Economist Michael Blythe  on May 24 at the Shangri-la Hotel in Paris.

Growth, policy, politics and Australia underpinned Michael Blythe’s talk, commencing with a review of global liquidity, debt and interest rates.  Mr Blythe commented that global policy settings have been pushed to extremes and global liquidity is at record highs, while global interest rates are at record lows. He examined global leading indicators and inflation indicators, before analyzing the geopolitical risk index and the effect of trade wars.

He also  mentioned that growth is accelerating in most of Australia’s major trading partners. Mr Blythe said that that, along with rising trade, capex and jobs point to a sustainable upturn.  With the skew in growth towards Asia and industrial production, it is a favourable mix for Australia.

The engaging presentation was followed by champagne and canapés which were throughly enjoyed by guests as they mixed and mingled.

If you would like a copy of the presentation please email