Sydney Dance Company in Paris, 11-13 April 2018

One of Australia’s cultural icons, the Sydney Dance Company, will be performing in Paris on April 11, 12 and 13 at the Theatre National de la Dance Chaillot.

Under the title “Austral”, the company will be joined in a separate programme by the New Zealand Dance Company and one of the few regional dance companies in Australia, Dancenorth, which is based in Townesville.

For thirty years the Sydney Dance Company was directed by choreographer Graeme Murphy and his muse and principal dancer Janet Vernon.

The company is widely acclaimed internationally, and was the first modern  dance company asked to perform in China.  Since  Graeme Murphy’s retirement in 2009, the company has been headed by its Spanish artistic director Rafael Bonachela, who has successfully continued the “Murphy Method” with experimental chorography and music.

Dancenorth, which started in 1969 as the North Queensland Ballet Company, is now headed by Kyle Page who has choreographed the opening ceremony for the Empire Games that opens on the Gold Coast on April 4.

“Austral” has certainly been appreciated by ABIE members.  Chaillot offered ABIE a restricted number of tickets at a generously reduced price — all of which were sold within hours of the invitation going out.