The Veuve Clicquot New Generation Award

Winners Jess Hatzis & Bree Johnson, frank body and Willow & BlakeTaking used coffee grounds and making a body scrub from them has turned into a $A20 million business for Melbourne duo Jess Hatzis and Bree Johnson – and won them the Veuve Clicquot Australian New Generation award for 2017.

The Melbourne-based partners will be in France in July to meet other country award winners and establish a networking system to encourage young entrepreneurs.  A grapevine will be given their name at the Manoir de Verzy, the company’s vineyard in Reims.  Australia is among the top five markets for the champagne brand.

The Veuve Clicquot New Generation Award is part of a global initiative that recognizes the audacity and success of businesswomen under the age of 40.  The champagne house says this reflects the trailblazing courage of Madame Clicquot  herself, who was just 27 when she took over the reins in 1804.

Jess Hatzis, 30 and Bree Johnson, 29, are “double entrepreneurs” who first launched the innovative communications company  Willow and Blake in 2011. But they wanted to reach further, and started the coffee-grounds skincare brand Frank Body two years later. Using their social media savvy, they created a global cult following for the on-line business.  Frank Body is now sold in a 141 countries, and has 700,000 Instagram followers.

“We wanted a creative challenge”, said Ms Johnson, “to show people what can happen when you take risks and really stick to brand ethos.”