Inaugural French-Australian Energy Symposium – UNSW, Sydney, 7 February 2018

 Energy and the transition to new energy systems are of global importance with unprecedented new market opportunities. The French-Australian Energy Symposium, an initiative conceived within AFRAN, will be organized on the 7th of February 2018 at UNSW, in the context of the 3rd Future Energy EF 3 Conference.

Australia is a global producer of mineral resources, one of the largest exporters of energy commodities, and Australia has significant untapped renewable energy resources. Australia is also uniquely positioned in the Asia region, and its resources will continue to power Asia’s industrialization, urbanization and growth.

This coupled with the highly skilled and complementary Australia-French research expertise and the capability of the Australian and French industry sector (multinational, SMEs and start-ups) creates new opportunities for joint innovation and ventures with global impact.

This symposium aims to rationalize existing bilateral collaborations. The objective is to strengthen and grow existing relationships to create a unique base leading to a strong and multidisciplinary research capability enabling ground breaking research, translation and innovation.

By strengthening and expanding existing Australian-French research and industry collaborations in Energy innovation, workshop organizers foresee the potential for industry to benefit from a unique and unparalleled international research expertise.

A range of high level bilateral Science and Technology expertise, from both Academia and Industry will be represented.

From France: CNRS, CEA, INES National Institute for Solar Energy, University Paris Est, PSL Chimie ParisTech, University of Bordeaux, University of Grenoble-Alpes, Universite de Nantes & Polytech Nantes, Universite de Montpellier, University d’Orleans.

From Australia: UNSW, CSIRO, ANU, University of Adelaide, Deakin University, Flinders.

From Industry: Neoen, Sabella, Thales Underwater Systems, Thinxtra, Jemena, Ecoult, Biopower solutions, CAP-XX.

With the participation of NERA, The EU delegation to Australia and the EUROGIA + Eureka Cluster for Low Carron T echnologies

For this inaugural symposium, the following key areas of strategic importance for Australia and France will be targeted:

  •  Energy storage in the form of electrochemical (batteries, supercapacitors), chemicals (synthetic fuels, hydrogen), and thermal.
  •  Renewable energy in particular in the form of solar energy (photovoltaic but also the conversion of solar to chemical energy), biomass, marine energy and export of renewable energy (e.g. power to gas)
  •  Integration of Energy systems including renewable and energy management (large and small scale including grid management, battery management, hybrid energy systems management such as fuel cell/electrolyzer/battery)
  •  Electrical engineering and power electronic and smart systems supporting the aboveFor more information about the Symposium, and the full program, you can download the flyer HERE