Down Under Expo, Stuttgart

Friday, 25th November 2016, 11am-6pm

Hosted by the german education agent, GOstralia and sponsored by Austrade, Baden-Württemberg International and the German Australian Business Council, this will be a great opportunity to create a network with alumni from Australian/New Zealand Universities and/or learn more about career, study or research opportunities in Australia or New Zealand. Universities from Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Switzerland and Austria along with corporate and government organisations and alumni will be on hand.

For our corporate members, in light of the present skill shortage, this event would provide an opportunity to tap into a network of talented, qualified and internationally-educated graduates and researchers with a strong connection to Australia and/or New Zealand as it is also aimed at providing a network of alumni from Australian/New Zealand Universities.

If you are an alumnus or have worked in Australia/New Zealand, share your experiences with others and at the same time connect with corporate organisations!

Or present your company to potential highly-skilled employees, become a sponsor for the event and grow your visibility in the Australian network.

Should you be interested in participating in the event, there are a number of possibilities open to you.

For further information please contact