Arc to Arc Triathlon Success for Australian Iron Man

August 29, 2014: Australian endurance athlete, John Van Wisse has broken the record for the Arc to Arc triathlon – which involved a 34km swim across a rough English channel, a 140km run and a 289km ride – by 12 hours. The event starts with an 87 mile run from London’s Marble Arch to the Dover coast, then the athletes must swim across the English Channel to the French coast, and finally the athletes finishes with a 181 mile bike from Calais to the Arc de Triomphe in Paris. For this challenge, the clock starts at Marble Arch and stops at Arc de Triomphe. John battled hurricane force winds as he swam across the channel, but with the help of his Australian team was successful in smashing the record for the world’s longest triathlon.

UNWTO Secretary-General Commends Australia’s Tourism Policy Advances

Mr Rafai, underscored the progress made by Australia in converging with UNWTO main policy requirements during his recent visit to Australia. He congratulated the Minister for Trade and Investment, Andrew Robb and his team for their comittment to review taxation in the sector and facilitate visas. Mr Rafai concluded, ‘ The transversal nature of tourism calls for a broad focus of tourism policy, interacting with a set of general policy measures; Australia shows how it can be done’.

CBA Economic Update March 2013

New Q20 for the G20